Help your team grow and work more efficiently

Wikit enables distributed teams to create, share and access critical knowledge, processes and procedures.

No credit card required. Limited seats available.

Help your team grow and work more efficiently

Why your team needs Wikit

Lightweight & easy

A fast, modern interface with an easy to use editor to help your team create & find knowledge instantly.

Centralized knowledge

Your team’s most valuable proceses and knowledge into a single, easy to navigate centralized source.

Improve productivity

No more guessing on how the things should be done. Find any procedure or policy instantly, share it via slack or email.

Work efficiently

Spend more time building and less time answering questions and searching for internal information.

Capture, customize & share

Capture all of your teams processes and knowledge into searchable pages that are also easy to customize. Share valuable information with your team or customers via slack, email or link.

Everything in one place

Wikit keeps all of your team’s information in a safe, centralized location. Stop hunting through emails, folders of Google doc hell.

Public or private

You are in control of what information is only available to your team, your clients or if you which you want to make public. Everything is safe behind Wikit’s encrypted database.

Slack Ready

Search and share Wikit pages via Slack.

1. Search for knowledge

Just use a simple slack command to find relevant wikit pages.

2. Share with your team

Share the exact content you need by just clicking on share.

Why companies love Wikit

Get Wikit Early Access

We're gradually opening up early access to companies and teams who want to work efficiently.



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April 30th.

Get Wikit Early Access

Join our early access program and pay $29/month instead of $59/month FOREVER.

Flat pricing, all-inclusive, no per-user fees. Plus:

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited images
  • Slack integration
  • Unlimited pages
  • DB encription
  • White label
  • Support
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Access control

Built by Ideaware

Frecuently asked questions

When will I get my invitation?

We’re slowly rolling out invites starting Q1 2020. We want to make sure you get a great product and quick support.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No, you are free to use wikit for 14 days, after which you do need to add a credit card to avoid service intreruption.

Do you include templates?

Yes! We worked really hard to include the most common procedures and information a growing team might need.

Do you have a trial?

Yes, our one and only plan includes a 14-day trial so you can test the waters and see if Wikit is right for your team.

Who built this?

We’re Ideaware, for over 10 years we’ve provided software design & devleopment services in sillicon valley.

Is this a public wiki software?

It is as public or private as you want to make it. You are fully in control of who sees what in or outside your team.