Work less, more efficiently and help your team grow

December 28, 2019

Work less, more efficiently and help your team grow

Introducing Wikit: a tool to help distributed teams work smarter by creating and sharing critical knowledge, processes and procedures.

For the past 12 years I’ve been helping SaaS companies build their products and teams as founder of Ideaware. Aside from the typical challenges that come with building a product, one thing I see companies struggle with is access to information on how things work.

This need intensifies at a distributed company.

Basic procedures like PTOs, equipment requests and even onboarding material are more often than not, hard to find or non-existent all together. Teams have to rely on word of mouth to gather knowledge on how the company operates, a process that may take months.

Many companies have at some point adopted solutions like Google Docs, Confluence or an custom built intranet to solve this. These type of solutions introduce new challenges of their own: hard to maintain, no way to easily access information or just downright costly for a startup.

Eventually it becomes the place where information goes to die and the team is running on old knowledge, if any at all. When information is not available, things tend to slow down or come to a stop.

Introducing Wikit

Our mission is to help teams kill knowledge gaps and work more efficiently. We built Wikit because we have experienced first hand the struggles of growing a team (after all, that is what we do for our customers every day at Ideaware).

The core of Wikit is a beautiful, simple to use wiki that is easy to adopt. We provide templates to get you up and running quickly and Slack integration so you can search, access and share knowledge and procedures without leaving your slack conversations.

As a founder or manager you can use wikit to:

  • Create & share procedures (SOPs)
  • Use our templates to kick start your team’s wiki
  • Expect better, repeatable results from your team
  • Less meetings to explain how things work
  • Less time managing
  • Avoid having one person hogging the knowledge of a key area of your business
  • Scale your team efficiently

As a team member wikit helps you to:

  • Learn fast how your company works
  • Not bother the boss or colleagues on simple procedures
  • Be better at your job with less effort figuring things out
  • Follow company policies for faster turnarounds on requests
  • Help colleagues

A better workplace

We believe in a workplace that nurtures growth both for the company and individual. A calm workplace where everyone knows how to get things done and works efficiently.

A place where managers can rely on their teams by providing all the tools and knowledge they would need.

We built Wikit to do just that. And we want to help companies by educating, providing templates and providing the right tool to become more efficient on what they do.

How do I try Wikit?

We’re still in beta and currently rolling out to new teams — get early access at or scroll a bit further below 👇

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